Florida Supreme Court Dismisses Petition Against Seminole Tribe Sports Betting Monopoly

Sports betting in Florida still draws the attention of the public. Ever since gambling on sports is permitted in the state, the affairs continue. The most recent news is that the opponents of sports betting in the state lost the battle against a Seminole Tribe. The tribe signed an agreement with the state that allows them to offer sports betting services in Florida, which hasn’t been wholeheartedly accepted by the public.

New petition against Seminole compact:

The opponents filed a petition to terminate the agreement between the tribe and the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis. However, according to the Florida Supreme Court, the opponents hadn’t filed the right type of petition, so they were ruled out. 

Both the tribe and the state will benefit from this deal since it’s estimated that both of them would earn hundreds of millions of dollars from sports betting operations. 

Seminole isn’t the only ones that face the challenge of their compact in federal court. West Flagler Associates and Bonita-Fort Myers Corporation, two famous operators of racetracks and poker rooms in the state, had to face the challenge in the court as well. They submitted a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to take over their ca 7BALL se.

As the Associated Press reports, the opponents’ attorney hasn’t responded to the claims yet. The next step for the opposition will be to submit a motion that might allow a rehearing of the case. 

History of legal battle:

The first compact between Florida and the Seminoles was signed in 2021, and according to it, the tribe had a monopoly on sports betting and casino gambling in the state. However, two parimutuel companies argued that the agreement can terminate through an amendment to the Florida Constitution that was passed in 2018. According to the amendment, in order to allow casino gambling to be offered outside the tribal land, the citizens must approve legislation. 

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The legal battles haven’t stopped the tribe from launching its online sportsbook at the end of 2023, and since the beginning of 2024, Seminole generated more than $120 million in revenue only in Florida. According to analysts, the tribe might be able to generate $4,4 billion in revenue by 2031.

However, the recent ruling is only the last one in the long Seminole battle. Various companies tried to invalidate the compact, but the outcome has been the same every time so far. While the fight continues, the tribe keeps achieving significant milestones and successfully operating its sportsbook.