America East Conference Joins Forces with Sportradar

America East Conference, a Division I collegiate conference, joined forces with the world sports integrity services leader, Sportradar. Under the new partnership, Sportradar will help educate student-athletes about sports betting integrity.

America East Conference Partners with Sportradar

The worldwide market leader in integrity services for sports organizations, Sportradar announced on Wednesday that it joined forces with the America East Conference, which is a Division I collegiate conference. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to implement an integrity program that will be educating America East athletes and other participants about the importance of sports betting integrity.

Sportradar’s program is going to develop and deliver the necessary educational materials for the America East student-athletes in the upcoming months. The company’s unrivaled experience fighting match-fixing for more than 15 years made it an expert on sports integrity. With the help of Sportradar’s team of experts and educators, the knowledge will be passed to the student-athletes.

According to Sportradar’s press release, the education topics will include rules and regulations about sports betting and match-fixing as well as reporting and identifying concerns related to integrity. Furthermore, the company will provide insight on responsible gambling, misuse of inside information, and more.

🤝 We’re pleased to announce a partnership with @AmericaEast to implement an integrity program aimed at educating America East student-athletes and other key stakeholders about the increasingly important topic of sports betting integrity.

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— Sportradar (@Sportradar) February 4, 2021

A Straightforward Decision

In a statement, Amy Huchthausen, commissioner of the America East Conference said that with the expanding of the U.S. regulated sports betting market, the organization understands the risks which may come. Such risks may influence the well-being of student-athletes as well as the integrity of competitions which is why the Conference wanted to work with the experts from Sportradar.

Furthermore, Huchthausen acknowledged that Sportradar is a leader in the field of integrity services in the U.S. and globally. In conclusion, she added that the decision to trust and collaborate with Sportradar was straightforward for the America East Conference.

The America East Conference was established back in 1979 and it currently has 10 full-time member institutions as well as face associate members, most of them located on the Northeast and East Coast. Currently, the organization sponsors 18 sports including soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, swimming, field hockey, and more.

America East Conference Takes a Timely and Proactive Approach

Andy Cunningham, head of integrity services, North America at Sportradar also shared his excitement by saying that the company is proud to play a pivotal role in the efforts to protect U.S. collegiate sports integrity. Furthermore, he acknowledged that due to the substantial interest in collegiate competitions and the youth and amateur status of the athletes, college sports “face unique integrity concerns”. Cunningham also stressed that America East has taken a timely and proactive approach to this matter. In conclusion, he sai 7BALL d that the company is honored that the America East Conference has “placed its trust in Sportradar“.

“Sportradar is proud to play a pivotal role in efforts to protect the integrity of US collegiate sports.”

Andy Cunningham, head of integrity services, North America at Sportradar

It was back in 2013 when Sportradar expanded its services to include integrity education. Since then, the company’s programs have reached audiences from 25 countries around the globe and 17 sports. Furthermore, the company has educated audiences in 13 different languages and reached more than 35,000 athletes, coaches, and sports officials. Back in January, Sportradar extended an existing partnership with the European Handball Federation (EHF). As a result, Sportradar and EHL extended their collaboration aiming at protecting the game integrity for 10 more years.

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