Authorities Uncover Third Participant in Rivers Casino Cheating Saga

A third individual has been implicated in what authorities are dubbing a “complex cheating conspiracy” at Rivers Casino, Pittsburg. The unfolding saga involves accusations of fraudulent activities at a Roulette table, resulting in substantial losses for the establishment.

Investigation Uncovers Alleged Cheating Scheme at Rivers Casino

The latest development follows earlier reports that surfaced last week, detailing the involvement of two Rivers Casino employees, Robin Schnepp and Anthony Laush, in facilitating cheating maneuvers on multiple occasions, leading to significant monetary gains for certain players.

State police, who have been diligently investigating the matter, disclosed that the casino incurred losses exceeding $10,000 due to the alleged cheating tactics employed. The investigation was prompted by an anonymous letter received by Rivers Casino earlier this year, shedding light on suspicious activities surrounding the Interblock Roulette game.

According to authorities, surveillance footage captured instances where Schnepp purportedl taya365 y manipulated the roulette ball, causing it to deviate from the prescribed spinning method. This discrepancy in the ball’s trajectory triggered errors in the game’s sensors, enabling players to continue placing bets even after the outcome had been determined.

It is alleged that both Schnepp and Laush collaborated in validating these erroneous spins, ultimately resulting in fraudulent winnings totaling thousands of dollars for the involved players.

Jack Daniel Mars III Joins Accused Casino Employees in Facing Charges

In a surprising twist, one of the implicated players, identified as Jack Daniel Mars III, now finds himself facing charges alongside the accused casino employees, reported WPXI. State police are actively seeking to identify another individual allegedly complicit in the deceitful scheme, urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward and assist with the investigation.

The ramifications of this elaborate scheme extend beyond mere financial losses for the casino. Authorities express concerns regarding the potential involvement of additional players and emphasize the need for a thorough review of existing security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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In response to these troubling revelations, Rivers Casino has pledged full cooperation with law enforcement agencies and has initiated comprehensive reforms to enhance the integrity of its gaming systems. 

Furthermore, both Schnepp and Laush, who have been released on bail, are scheduled to appear for preliminary hearings on April 2, marking a crucial phase in the ongoing legal proceedings.

This occurrence represents yet another instance of suspected illicit behavior among casino employees. In December, there was an incident where a manager at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh allegedly absconded with $20,000 from the cashiers’ cage, prompting concerns regarding the trustworthiness of the staff.