Bayes Esports Launches Esports Odds Integration Platform

Global supplier of official esports live data Bayes Esports announced the launch of a new central integration platform for betting odds, BODEX.

Help Esports Reach Full Potential

The new central integration platform for betting odds is the first-of-its-kind dedicated odds integration platform that seeks to provide operators with access to multiple sources of betting odds via a single integration.

Commenting on the announcement, Bayes Esports chief executive officer and managing director Martin Dachselt, hailed BODEX as the “truly revolutionary for the sports betting market” platform that will propel sports betting and especially esports betting to a new level and help “fully reach its potential.”

Integrating odds from both general and specialized traders on a single platform, BODEX is filling a void left by betting operators which have no interest in covering smaller sports or game titles in esports, as well as many national or regional competitions, due to the lack of high-quality odds provided for these events.

Betting operators are stopped from offering these sports by outsourcing them to specialized providers as each provider tends to have its proprietary standards in reporting, monitoring, market definitions, and API used, which brings substantial overhead costs for operators. The difference in standards also leaves data providers struggling to find customers for their offerings.

Eliminating Operator Overhead Costs

Upon integration into BODEX, odds will be standardized in terms of data format, market definitions, and API, to facilitate the subsequent integration for betting operators, while each operator will have the option to subscribe to very specific odds packages that differ based on sports or games, organizers, tournaments, leagues, and markets.

“This is an exciting time for the sports betting industry and we are proud of what our team has achieved to be at the forefront of this development,” continued Dachselt, hailing the “win-win situation for both providers and operators” that the BODEX platform will create.

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“Providers, especially those that are specialized in a specific sport, game, or region, will have an easier time finding customers for their services,” he added, outlining the benefits for operators as the platform will empower them to offer “new sports, game titles, or tournaments without having to deal with the high overhead costs.”

Based on Bayes’ Esports BEDEX data distribution platform, BODEX will ensure an equa kagame l level of reliability and quality of the distributed odds. The platform will also provide operators with independent and extensive reporting regarding the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), quality and margins of the different providers of odds.

Upon its launch, BODEX will be focused on esports odds integration but Bayes Esports is planning to gradually expand it into more sports in the near future.