Casino revenues continue to increase in the US

March was a good month for gambling in the United States, as data shows the industry as a whole nationwide has been able to see an increase in gaming revenues year-over-year by almost 7% with a total of $3.7 billion earned for the month. The gaming win was led by the state of Nevada whose casinos saw a 7.4% increase in earnings for the month.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas Center for Gaming Research compiled data from across the board in regards to casino earnings. The state of Nevada was able to account for around 27% of the total earnings with $991 million produced.

Moving to the East Coast, Atlantic City had a strong month with casino gaming bringing in $221.8 million. This was just over 9% more than the win from March 2016. The gambling industry of Illinois was also up with close to a 10% increase with their $249.9 million for the month.

Pennsylvania managed to stay flat with $289.5 million in earnings. This is a bit surprising as the state is home to the second largest commercial casino gambling market in the US. Maryland is still on a high thanks to the MGM National Harbor, having been able t 7BALL o see an increase YOY of 44.2% with $141.1 million in earnings.

Louisiana saw a 9% increase in their land-based casino earnings, with $291.3 million brought in for the month. West Virginia saw a decrease, thanks to the gains in Maryland, seeing a loss of 7.2% when compared to March of last year. The state was actually one of four that saw the gaming win decline for the month.

Looking back to the first of the year, the commercial casino industry of the United States saw an increase in January of 3.5% with $3.38 billion earned. In February, this total was up just slightly to $3.39 billion though this was a decrease of 2% when compared to the same month last year.

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