Chicago’s Casino Location to be determined by Poll

Chicago mayor launches poll asking residents toweigh in on the decision where to place casinoSites for the new resort are aimed atneighborhoods in need of economic stimulationUnion Gaming chosen to deliver an economicfeasibility study, aimed at assisting the decision

2019 is becoming a noteworthy year in terms of the UnitedStates’ embrace of the gambling industry. Just last month, Illinois GovernorJ.B. Pritzker signed an approval forexpanding gambling in the state. The new legislation includes the prospectof a casino being built in Chicago. In light of that, Lori Lightfoot, mayor ofthe Windy City, decided to approach this matter by asking local residents. She released a survey consisting of 11questions, in order to establish where citizens consider the new venue wouldserve best and what they believe are the activities that would benefit them themost.

“While a Chicago casino had been talked about for more than30 years, today we are moving forward to ensure the new casino is viable forChicago and all of its communities” the new mayor said. Lightfoot has beenappointed mayor since April and her poll initiative is a good way to establish betterdialogue with the residents, a 7BALL CC s well as for them to foster a betterrelationship with the casino operation.

While an economicfeasibility study has also been launched and is to be considered for thefinal decision, for now there are fivepossible sites for the new casino resort.

Location, location, location

Besides establishing a space for the city’s residents toweigh in and be part of the decision regarding the site for Chicago’s casino,the prospect also entails a good deal of economicand commercial activity stimulation. That being the case, all five sites inthe list right now are in areas in need of such stimuli.

In a recent statement the mayor’s office said that the newenterprise “will create thousands of jobs for the community”.

Not everyone is inclined to agree, though. Real estate experts have pointed outthat if the casinos were to be placed downtown, this would serve to maximize profit and will make for themost employment, in turn. Others have referred to evidence presented by a 2015 report,conducted by Global Market Advisors,which points out that late 20th century casinos have failed tointegrate in their host communities, making them islands in the urbanenvironment, which do not stimulate growth and economy.

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Combining democracy and intelligence                                     

Nevertheless, four out of five of the sites are identifiedas publicly owned and have been present in previous discussions for theconstruction of a casino in Chicago. Public officials have stated that the fiveso far are just test sites.

Union GamingAnalytics has been appointed as a consultant for the proceedings in termsof determining the new casino site. The LA-based company is to conduct a reporton what kind of investors would the new legislation attract, as well as to helpdetermine how the different locations will affect the development of thecasino. The report is to be prepared by the 12th of August, followedby 90 days for the Gaming Board toreview and discuss changes. In any case, it certainly seems like the longdiscussed Chicago casino is aboutto become reality.