Chinese National Wanted for Baccarat Cheating at Mohegan Pennsylvania

Authorities in Pennsylvania are on the hunt for a suspected baccarat cheater after an attempted scam at the Mohegan Pennsylvania casino in Wilkes-Barre. The individual in question, Jianchu Liu, a 47-year-old Chinese national, is believed to be part of a professional cheating ring known to have targeted various casinos across the United States.

Surveillance Footage Exposes Baccarat Cheat’s Sophisticated Scam

Liu’s alleged modus operandi involved attempting to surreptitiously record the sequence of cards in the baccarat deck using a camera app on his cellphone. However, his actions did not go unnoticed, as the casino’s surveillance cameras caught him in the act, reported The Citizen’s Voice.

According to state police reports, Liu was identified through his casino rewards card. Investigators suspect that he is affiliated with a group of cheats known for employing sophisticated techniques to gain an advantage at the baccarat table. This group has previously operated at casinos such as the Golden Nugget and the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The cheating method employed by Liu and his associates typically involves the use of a cut card to momentarily expose the order of the cards in the deck. This information is then relayed to the cheater, allowing them t jili777 o make strategic bets with an unfair advantage.

Baccarat Cheater Evades Arrest, Authorities Seek Public Assistance

During the incidents at Mohegan Pennsylvania, Liu’s actions aroused suspicion among casino security personnel. On one occasion, he was observed manipulating the dealer’s hands in an attempt to influence how the cards were handled, leading to a confrontation between Liu and the dealer.

Following a thorough investigation, state police obtained a warrant for Liu’s arrest on two misdemeanor charges related to fraud and trickery. Despite the warrant, Liu has not yet been apprehended or arraigned.

Baccarat is a popular card game where players aim to bet on the hand with the highest value, which is nine. However, Liu’s alleged cheating attempts disrupted the fair play of the game, prompting authorities to take swift action.

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As the investigation continues, authorities are urging anyone with information regarding Jianchu Liu’s whereabouts to come forward. This is not the first time baccarat has been the subject of cheating. In January, a Mohegan Sun baccarat dealer, Yu Wen Fu, was accused of rigging games by arranging cards in a specific order, resulting in significant losses for the casino. Despite facing charges of larceny, Fu maintained his innocence, claiming accidental card exposure during shuffling.