DraftKings Incorporated strips Millionaire Maker winner of $1 million prize

In the United States and allegations of collusion have reportedly led DraftKings Incorporated to strip the recent winner of its Millionaire Maker daily fantasy sports contest of her $1 million cash prize.

According to a Sunday report from CBS Sports, Jade Roper Tolbert won the lucrative competition earlier this month after topping some 105,882 others including her husband, Tanner Tolbert, with a final tally of 180.78 points.

Crooked cooperation:

However, CBS News reported that rumors soon surfaced that the competitor may have won by dishonestly exploiting a loophole in the contest’s ru 7BALL CX les that allowed her to pool her entries with those of her husband. The celebrity American couple met while filming the second series of the Bachelor in Paradise reality television program in 2015 and were purportedly each only allowed to submit 150 entries into the Millionaire Maker daily fantasy sports challenge, which was based around the first two rounds of the recent National Football League (NFL) playoffs.

Speedy spot:

It would reportedly seem that other participants soon noticed that Roper Tolbert’s line-ups had primarily included quarterbacks who had played in the AFC wild-card games while her husband’s picks had been built around rival NFC signal-callers for 298 unique selections. USA Today used a Saturday story to explain that this theoretically meant that the pair could have skirted around the 150-entry limit and increased their chances of winning by submitting rosters that had very few, if any, players in common.

Revised results:

DraftKings Incorporated reportedly used Twitter to proclaim that had ‘decided to update the standings for several contests’ and that any players impacted by the changes would ‘be notified directly.’ The statement from the Boston-headquartered firm moreover declared that it did not intend ‘to comment further on such matters’ although it is now widely believed that a player who had used the handle ‘spclk36’ was the new winner of the Millionaire Maker top prize after initially finishing second with 178.16 points.

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