FSB reaffirms Adam Smith as the new CEO after his initial Interim Period of CEO at FSB

On Thursday, March 9th, 2023 the international business – to – business online sports betting and i – Gaming provider in FSB has just announced that their interim CEO, Adam Smith, will be permanently taking over all of the full – time CEO duties moving forward as he is now in complete control of FSB after his recent successful 3 – month interim period at the CEO position.

Adam Smith

Smith originally took over control of the interim CEO role back in December of 2022, and he has recently supervised and supported FSB’s present entry in to the North American market place through their enhanced long – standing relationship with trusted partner in Fitzdares in the highly – regulated Canadian province of Ontario.

Before his newly appointed permanent CEO position at FSB, Smith was UK MD as well as sitting as a Group Board member at a Northern European technology and consultancy organization mainly focused on the digital transformation and big data too.

In addition to all of that, Smith’s diverse and various business experience consists of him running a number of largely scaled, complicated, multi – jurisdictional and regulated market delivery program, and at the same time Adam led a successful growing business as well as transforming lodi777 major initiatives in Telcom, Sports Betting, Travel, Market Data, Manufacturing, and Information Technology markets.

The authorization of Adam Smith’s undeviating full – time promotion comes as the EGR Multi – Channel Supplier of the Year takes their 1st – steps in taking control of their 4th – continent as they continue to effectively implement their core market strategies as well as implement their product management strategy which is centered on the UKI, Africa, Mainland Europe, and Canada.

Media Statements

The Chief Executive Officer at FSB, Adam Smith, stated, “Taking full – time charge of FSB is a great thrill for me. What became clear during my three – month period as Interim CEO was the opportunity that lies ahead for our organization. The combination of our dynamic proprietary platform technology alongside our driven, determined people and Tier – 1 partnership portfolio gives us every reason to look forward with confidence.

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 “Having taken our first assured steps in North America last month we are now well – positioned to move forward boldly in 2023 with our core markets and products strategy.

“Working closely with our committed private equity partners, Clairvest, I’m hugely energized to accelerate the growth of our award – winning company.”

The Managing Director at Clairvest, Mohit Kansal, expressed, “We are delighted that Adam has agreed to come onboard as full – time CEO effective immediately.

“Adam’s commitment and impact at FSB in a short – few – months with the support of the senior management team has been exemplary. We look forward to working closely with him and FSB towards a bright future.”