GGPoker Deals with Community Pushback for “Auto Fold” Feature

The innovator in the online poker space has been the author of quite a few clever features, and tournament formats, and has consistently delivered excellent opportunities to realize one’s poker potential. However, the introduction of the company’s latest “auto fold” feature which applies to its Rush & Cas Hold’em games has been met with disgruntlement and criticism.

GGPoker Introduces Controversial “Auto Fold” Feature

Essentially, the feature allows players to select hole cards that the software will fold for them automatically, based on table position. The feature was confirmed on Friday and it has caused quite a bit of stir ever since. The people who didn’t like it said that this was a form of real-time assistance program that was otherwise forbidden to players but was suddenly introduced to the platform as one of its core aspects.

The community was seemingly uncomprehending of how GGPoker would have had such a tough stance on such solutions over the years but had decided to implement it. The issue though is not so much with the added convenience of play, but with how it would impact the gameplay.

An auto fold means that games would be moving at a much faster pace, granted, but it also means that many players will now not have to make actual decisions or automate those, taking an element out of the game. Dropping specific hole cards is not necessarily a formula for success either, as not all are bad choices either.

One of the people and prominent players to criticize this idea was Mark Rubbathan, a player who has won $500,000 playing live and has mostly focused on online play, with another $300,000 gener lodi291 ated on various online platforms.  

Taking a Part of the Poker Experience Out

“I actually cannot believe what I am reading. Literally letting everyone RTA effectively whilst taking out an entire part of the decision tree,” Rubbathan shared on Twitter, joining the choir of critics. Some players have suggested that GGPoker just wants to make a bit more money as well, as this speeds up the pre-flop and ultimately leads to more hands being played per hour.

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This is fair and it sort of makes sense, as GGPoker has to run its business and ensure that it has the war chest to continue producing more good products, tournaments, and features. Yet, the “auto fold” feature may not have been its best feature to date.

Previously, GGPoker got in hot water with poker pros and fans over its updated rake system, which was criticized just as vehemently.