Nevada Gaming Control Board Appoints New Chief of Enforcement Division

On October 4, the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that it has appointed deputy chief Kristi Torgerson to the position of chief of the Enforcement Division of the Bord.

Torgerson Has Worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board for Over 25 Years

Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman J. Brin Gibson has offered the pos riches777 ition of chief of the Enforcement Division of the Board to current deputy chief Kristi Torgerson as chief James Taylor is going to retire on October 30 after working for the Board for 27 years.

Kristi Torgerson’s appointment to the position is going to be effective from October 31.

Torgerson has been working for the Nevada Gaming Control Board since January 1997, which makes for over 25 years. She took the position of deputy chief of the Enforcement Division in 2019.

Previously she has experience with the United States Army, where she served as an interrogator and counterintelligence agent.

She also has two years of experience with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force during the most intensive and difficult times just after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York.

When announcing the appointment, chairman J. Brin Gibson highlighted the profound background of Torgerson: “Deputy Chief Torgerson’s impressive career with the Gaming Control Board, the military, and federal law enforcement should give Nevadans confidence in the safety and integrity of gaming as she begins to lead the Enforcement Division.”

Gibson is sure that Torgerson’s extensive experience in the law enforcement sector and with the Board will be a great asset as she takes over her new role at the end of October.

The Responsibilities of the Enforcement Division at the Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Enforcement Division at the Nevada Gaming Control Board has various tasks. One of its main purposes is to conduct investigations, both on criminal cases in connection with gambling venues in the state but also on any regulatory breaches in the gambling sector.

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In this regard, Chairman J. Brin Gibson has highlighted that criminal law enforcement for the gambling industry no longer comes down to petty crimes such as stealing chips or manipulating slot machines. The Enforcement Division deals with more serious violations involving cybersecurity, money laundering, and other crimes on an international scale.

Given Torgerson’s experience with the army and the FBI, she will make sure residents and guests in the state of Nevada have a secure and safe gambling experience.

The Enforcement Division is also responsible for resolving any disputes between licensed gambling operators in Nevada and their customers.

Additionally, the Enforcement Division is tasked with keeping and updating the List of Excluded persons, which is also duped The Black Book.

Other more trivial tasks for the Division are the background checks that they must perform on all applications for work cards.