PAGCOR Confirms Launch of Online Casino Brand in 2024

The regulator has confirmed its intention to roll out a dedicated Casino Filipino lodi646 brand that will be accessible globally starting in 2024 and provide audiences with access to online casino, sports betting, and live casino games.

PAGCOR to Break Ground with Online Casino of Its Own

The new online property is expected to roll out in the first quarter of the coming year and leverage innovative tech, such as virtual reality to make players like they are visiting a physical retail experience and guaranteeing an unmatched immersive experience.

“It will allow players to interact with the digital counterparts of traditional casino games,” said PAGCOR chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco, who outlined the project on Thursday. The regulatory chief is confident that the upcoming brand will transcend the physical boundaries of the experience and allow players from all over the world to interact with brand-new casino environments that are unmatched by competitors.

Meanwhile, PAGCOR is confident that the regulator’s online presence will lead to increased benefits for the watchdog, including more revenue, stronger market expansion, and better customer engagement. Meanwhile, PAGCOR also plans to modernize its land-based slot offering, with Tengco confirming that the regulator is in talks with various manufacturers to bring in more than 3,500 new units.

“We have already taken the preliminary steps and entered into negotiations with different manufacturers for the modernization of our slot machines,” Tengco elaborated. The regulator is also going to update its Casino Management System.

Updating PAGCOR’s Existing Casinos and Reporting

The update of the system would allow PAGCOR to improve its operational efficiency of casinos and lead to better real-time reporting and analytics that can help strengthen strategic decisions that finetune compliance and optimize results across the board, Tengco concluded.

The launch of an official online casino brand backed by a regulator-cum-operator is a fairly new idea and it’s yet unclear how the global footprint of the operator would unfold as it would need to secure the appropriate licenses to operate in various jurisdictions.

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