Real Dealer Introduces Second Blackjack Addition to Portfolio

The new release is hosted by Olivia, a private dealer based in the Monaco casino circuit, who will bring you some of the most memorable Random Number Generator Live Casino experiences.

Real Dealer Studios Continues to Deliver on Cinematic Excellence

Real Dealer Studios has developed a unique gaming technology that creates Hollywood-like experiences and establishes a slightly out-of-the-box and highly entertaining gameplay and product offering.

In Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia, players will get treated to a VIP experience that is brought to you directly from the exclusive clubs of Monaco. Olivia brings her cheeky sense of humor to the tables and keeps players company as they enjoy the polished and frictionless gameplay experience.

Olivia is portrayed by a professional actress, which is in line with Real Dealer Studios’ way of doing business. ufa800 Previously, the company introduced a hit game with Vinnie Jones Blackjack, with the game hosted by the actor himself.

Olivia will too bring you close to the action, commenting on the outcome of betting rounds, cards appearing on the table, and more. All of this is pre-recorded and integrated in a seamless manner that really enlivens the RNG blackjack product and atmosphere, imbuing it with a streak of live casino magic.

Real Dealer Studios has spared no effort or expense to create products that far transcend the traditional gaming experiences. The production of an individual game in the company’s portfolio requires the work of professional actors, entire production crews, and directors with significant experience and track records to produce the cinematic quality of the experience that players enjoy in each title.

Real Dealer Studios Hails the New Title

Shane Cotter, the CPO at Real Dealer Studios, hailed the new game, and explained how Olivia was a natural continuation of the Vinnie Jones title introduced last year:

We knew that Vinnie Jones would be a tough act to follow as a blackjack dealer, but Olivia really holds her own. She delivers a powerful performance and comes through with a magnetism that players are absolutely going to love.

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Shane Cotter, the CPO at Real Dealer Studios

There is more coming, Real Dealer Studios promises, with another Ultimate Blackjack game hosted by an actress called Rachel slated for release in March. For the time being, though, Olivia will keep audiences’ company.