Spiffbet Hires Affiliate Marketing Services from TAG Media

Online casino operator and games developer, Spiffbet AB, announced it has signed an agreement with the affiliate marketing agency, TAG Media, hiring the agency to provide affiliate m riches777 anagement services for the group’s Supernopea, Metal Casino and TurboVegas gaming brands.

Elevate Presence, Attract New Players

Spiffbet hired TAG Media to provide affiliate marketing services and help the group elevate the presence of its three brands, as well as ensure new user acquisition across markets in Finland, Sweden, the UK and Spain.

“We’re excited about bringing these unique brands to our affiliate partners,” commented TAG Media’s managing director, Client Services, Elaine Gardiner-Ruddock, adamant that the brands “are ideal fit in the markets they target, combining [an] exceptional, innovative localized product with brand positioning that really stands out.”

Convinced that TAG Media, in collaboration with the Spiffbet team, will be able “to build substantial performance growth across the respective affiliate programs,” Gardiner-Ruddock was looking forward to commencing work with its new partner.

Renowned for its distinct heavy metal branding, Metal Casino recently teamed up with the representatives of iconic rock bands Kiss, Dio, Mötley Crüe and Sabaton, Metal Department, for a marketing campaign, advertising and special band theme content.

Spiffbet’s other brand, Supernopea, offers sports betting and online casino gaming and is known as the fastest online casino in Finland. TurboVegas also emphasizes its super-fast speed of gaming while prioritizing the speed of payments as its major attractor for players.

Good Fit for the Business

On behalf of Spiffbet, the group’s chief executive officer, Henrik Svensson, was equally “excited to kick off” the partnership with TAG Media, explaining that the services the affiliate firm provides would make for a good fit for the business.

“We instantly felt that we could see a very good fit between our brands and the affiliate marketing services provided by TAG Media,” Svensson said, highlighting the partnership as “a vital step” in the company’s “forward-leaning approach to growth” in its core markets, as well as TAG Media’s “capability to open up new markets” due to the firm’s “strong international reach.”

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The collaboration with TAG Media makes Spiffbet the sixth fully managed client of the affiliate firm. The agency also provides affiliate business development services to 12 other operators.

Earlier in the month, Spiffbet held its annual general meeting (AGM) where some important decisions about the business were made, including the re-election of board members and auditor and their remuneration packages.

Spiffbet shareholders also issued an authorization for the board to decide on the issue of new shares, warrants and/or convertibles, on one or more occasions before the next AGM.