Station Casinos Boosts Loyalty Program with NFT Rewards

Famous American hotel and casino company Station Casinos announced the launch of an all-new non-fungible token (NFT) casino loyalty rewards program called STN Charms. Unveiled last week, the innovative loyalty program launched for all of the company’s properties starting on March 31, 2023.

Thanks to the new prog phl63 ram, Boarding Pass members will tap into unique NFT loyalty rewards. The program is expected to significantly boost player retention and engagement, delivering new experiences via personalized NFT Charms.

The new charms enable the members to level them up, along with winning. Moreover, an STN Charms website enables players to view their Charms and even buy, sell or browse from a catalog.

Station Casinos revealed that the new STN Charms were developed in collaboration with Mintable Pte, a leading web3 service and technology provider, as well as Intergalactic Agency Inc. While Mintable helped develop the STN Charms website platform that serves as an online marketplace, Intergalactic played a key role in the design of the new Charms.

According to Station Casinos, there are different ways for guests to earn Charms. Besides being separated into categories such as panda, shamrock, horseshoe and others, the Charms have different rarities such as legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common. Another trait that the Charms have is the luck level, which the company said is “the value associated with the guest’s winnings while the Charm is active on the slot machine.”

The Program Is Expected to Bring Exciting Moments

Pat Gordon, Station Casinos’ director of innovations, explained that the latest addition helps boost the company’s loyalty program by delivering personalized NFTs. At the same time, he outlined that the new NFTs can be stored within a Charm Box and also undergo leveling up. “No additional enrollment is needed as guests can maximize the program by opting into Charms at their first card in,” said Gordon. Finally, he pointed out that guests of Station Casinos can expect multiple free digital good luck NFT Charms.

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“We are thrilled to be launching this innovative program to create a more engaging way for our guests to earn unique rewards and customize their play.“

Tom Mikulich, senior vice president of innovation at Station Casinos

Tom Mikulich, Station Casinos’ senior vice president of innovation, was similarly excited about the new announcement explaining that the company is delighted to deliver new and engaging experiences for its guests. In conclusion, Mikulich predicted that the new STN Charms will improve and modernize the company’s loyalty program and bring engaging and rewarding features for Station Casinos’ guests.