White Label Casinos and The Mill Adveture Join Forces to Improve Operator Experience

One of the leading white-label online casino providers in the world, White Label Casinos, joined forces with The Mill Adventure, an industry leader when it comes to providing operators with advanced technologies and services. 

Industry leaders:

White Label Casinos became famous for its customizable and flexible offering that can be tailored to specific partners’ needs, so it was a natural choice when it came to The Mill Adventure’s new partner.

The Mill Adventure is a Maltese-based company that became popular among fans for its unique iGaming platforms offering that host a range of features and tools, all developed in-house. Besides this, the company offers fantastic streamlined compliance management services, as well as real-time access to important data, along with advanced payment solutions developed by the best providers from all over the world. On top of that, its games portfolio is thrilling and captivating.

Thanks to the recently established deal, the customers of WLC will get a chance to try the newest tools and mechanics on the platform, including fantastic customization that will help them deliver the best possible experience.

Fantastic offering:

Thanks to the advanced The Mill Adventure platform, operators across the world will be able to customize various features and improve the overall gaming experience by improving player acquisition, engagement, and retention. On top of that, the offering includes the first AI-driven automated casino lobby management solution, Smart Lobbies, which changed the perspective in the industry and upgraded the way the business is conducted. The lodivip customers also get various promotional tools, including a loyalty shop, achievement levels, tournaments, and a fantastic bonus system.

Phil Pearson, CEO of White Label Casinos, commented on the recently established partnership: “The Mill Adventure’s platform is one of the most flexible and complete end-to-end platform providers for online gaming, and we are thrilled to announce them as our latest partner to kick-start the year. We are continuing to cement our position as the market leader in white-label casinos, providing a flexible and even better casino experience than ever before. With ICE just around the corner, we look forward to offering more options, more flexibility, and more premium casinos across our portfolio in 2024 and beyond.”

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Bjørnar Heggernes, Commercial Director at The Mill Adventure, said in a press release: “Right from the start, our goal has been to promote efficiency in iGaming, from operational automation in running a casino to engaging players using a feature-rich toolset to deliver a more unique experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with White Label Casinos, as, like them, we believe that building a competitive casino brand shouldn’t be complicated when you have the right platform.”