OneTouch Builds ‘The Wrapper’ to Help iGaming Developers

OneTouch has revealed The Wrapper, a new game development game kit pioneered by the software company as part of a collaboration with Hub88. This new solution is built to help develop new products and deploy them to market more quickly. It comes with a set of tools and content and a built-in framework with a number o tiger711 f features and player experiences.

Whipping Up Games Quickly and Efficiently

According to OneTouch, The Wrapper eliminates the need for ‘heavy lifting” and makes the game development process a breeze. The development kit comes with a number of marketing options, making it easier to place products and launch them in the best possible manner once development is complete.

The Wrapper helps meet any regulatory expectations and OneTouch also hosts an RGS which will allow a number of studios to benefit from the solution as they develop their new games. Hub88 will then help with distribution and integration for the new release and offer access to more than 100 operators.

This new solution already has pre-built all the staple features that you will find in a popular iGaming title. From there on in, developers can save time on building the basic gameplay blocks and focus on how they can better alter the existing infrastructure to breed an innovative selection of game-impacting features.

OneTouch stands by its product and promises continued support as well as hotfixes for any bugs occurring on the platform. The company is equally confident that the resulting products will pass certification processes without difficulty. The first title to have been released using the innovative tool kit is Grand Heist Feature Buy, OneTouch’s own game.

Exciting Times Lie Ahead Thanks to OneTouch’s Solution

The company has already confirmed that it is developing an upgraded version of the kit which should be arriving in 2023. OneTouch head Madis Raus welcomed the deployment of The Wrapper and shared the company’s excitement about the solution and the latest release:

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A fantastic addition to the industry, we’re confident it will be a brilliant aid to companies all over the world. We tested it with our new Grand Heist Feature Buy title and are delighted with the results.

OneTouch head Madis Raus

Hub88 head Ollie Castleman also said that the company is indeed very excited to assist with the deployment and distribution of the games that will be built through The Wrapper. “We’re thrilled with the outcome and we’re sure that this will be beneficial to many across a variety of markets,” said in conclusion.