PSG Neymar Throws a Twitch Hissy Fit after Gambling Away Millions

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, a famous soccer professional playing as a striker for Paris Saint-Germain, streamed himself losing a million playing online poker. The athlete’s unfortunate loss was broadcast live on Twitch.

Neymar has been streaming on the Amazon-owned platform in addition to playing on the field. He is working under an agreement with the iGaming operator Blaze, serving as its ambassador.

The latest stream saw the PSG striker wager a huge amount playing online poker. According to him, all of the money he lost came from his own pocket. While there is no way to confirm that, Neymar’s reaction to losing the money was full of emotion.

Upon losing his bet, the soccer professional acted as if he was about to cry. His friends – like any good friends would – mocked him for his loss. While Neymar was struggling to come to terms with losing a million dollars, his friends played a distorted version of My Heart Will Go On, Titanic’s theme song.

Neymar eventually calmed down and began laughing at his own misfortune, even mocking himself for losing the money by playing an air flute.

Neymar’s Unfortunate Game Night May Have Been Sponsored by Blaze

Many doubt that Neymar actually pulled the money out of his pocket. A more plausible explanation would be that it was actually given to him by his gambling sponsor.

Usually, streamers in Twitch’s Slots category would have a sponsor who, viewers believe, fuel their accounts with money. This allows content creators to continue streaming and promoting their sponsors’ brands.

Regardless of whether this is really the case, high-rollers are a ph646 lways entertaining to watch because their viewers like seeing high numbers. Few people can truly afford to wager big amounts on poker or another gambling vertical, which is why they are often excited to see celebrities placing their dream bets.

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Neymar was known for his love of gambling even before his deal with Blaze. The soccer pro has played poker for years now and has even participated in a variety of major poker events.

Neymar continues to be sidelined in PSG because of an injury he sustained in February. Despite undergoing successful surgery in early March, the player is still recovering. This downtime provides the athlete with plenty of time to continue his adventures in Twitch’s Slots category.

In other news, Twitch recently banned Sliker, whose main account allegedly got hacked. The content creator made headlines after taking thousands of dollars from his colleagues and viewers to gamble.