Super Smash Bros. Influencers Join King of Twitch Poker

Twitchinfluencers will partake in the King of Twitch Poker event on November 21hosted by Americas Cardroom.

King of Twitch Poker Fast Approaches

Super Smash Bros. community gurus Mang0, Slimeirl, Chillindude, Tafokints and Ludwing will host an exhibition match for the upcoming celebrity “King of Twitch Poker”. The event will also be attended by MTV and Comedy Central’s Andy Milonakis as well as Rene Nezhoda from “Storage Wars,” by A&E’s.

Following the debut of the Twitch Poker series, fans have clearly showed their love for Super Smash Bros. and poker, or at least enough to want more of it. This has been confirmed by Americas Cardroom’s Michael Harris, a spokesperson who had this to say:

Twitch viewers are showing up en masse to watch some of the biggest names on Twitch battle it out at the card tables. The second event drew double the viewership of the first, and the next events look to keep that trend going with added love from the Smash Bros. community.

The event is 291bet scheduled for November 21, 2019 and will air at 5 PM ET on Twitch. Viewers will have a chance to tune in and learn more about both video games culture as well as get some insights in poker.

Another 10K prize pool, King Of Twitch Poker, Nov 21st, 2pm Pacific @ACR_POKER #ad streamed on my twitch channel. See you there

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) November 18, 2019

Meanwhile, players will be able to join a $10,000 tournament , preceding the celebrity event featuring $75,000 in prize money and held in December. Americas Cardroom has also secured high-profile personalities to come join the Venom tournament series, offering some $6 million in prize money.

The Participants

Mang0 is one of the mostinfluential ps who will be joining. He is a high-profile player from the FightingGame Community (FGC), a community genre outside esports and a well-seasonedveteran in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Another veteran is Chillindude whohas gained recognition in the FGC community by playing Fox. Chillindude is alsoa representative of Team Liquid, oneof the most valued ‘electronic sports’ or esports organizations accordingto Forbes.

What’s King of Twitch Poker?

King of Twitch Poker is AmericasCardroom initiative bringing content creators together their love for poker.The series feature a number of show matches played in Texas Hold’em andstreamed with the help of celebrities or popular TV personalities.

Twitch is also proving a great way for the cardroom to seek further audience and spread the word. The division qualifiers will be attended by thousands of players, early estimates show, and a special celebrity event will be held in December.

Americas Cardroom event isspecifically targeting content creators and influencers in what appears to be abid to raise awareness about its product. Players can re-buy at $2. Toparticipate, all streamers will need to use a special referral code.

Regular age restrictions apply.

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