WeSpin Launches in Denmark with ComeOn!

ComeOn Group has announced that it is rolling out the company’s award-winning streaming technology WeSpin on the Danish market. Thanks to this launch, WeSpin and ComeOn!, which is the namesake group’s flagship bran ufa888 d, will be able to bring fresh experiences to local players.

WeSpin Comes to ComeOn! Aid in Denmark

WeSpin is created with the idea of providing an innovative casino product that focuses on the player and elevates a brand’s offering. According to the company, this deployment should help with channelization and help ComeOn! consolidate its position in the country, which ranks among the most mature markets in Europe.

WeSpin is a quick and agile solution that is built to be flexible and adjustable to specific regulatory environments and that offers the level of player protection required in each jurisdiction. It comes with pre-committed budgets, and bet ranges, and helps players make informed decisions. ComeOn hails this launch as a first of its kind but is confident that more similar announcements will follow in future.

ComeOn Group CEO Juergen Reutter welcomed the opportunity and said that it was an important strategic milestone for the company. He explained where the strengths of WePlay came from:

This means that WeSpin is no different from any other product feature or marketing channel, and therefore naturally matches local regulations. At ComeOn, we believe that Casino streaming services need to be provided in a safe and protected environment in line with local regulations.

ComeOn Group CEO Juergen ReutterWeSpin Has a Strong Focus on Responsible Gambling

WeSpin head Ruben Waage welcomed the opportunity with similar enthusiasm and said that the solution will make it possible for players to enjoy their favorite gambling products in a safe and reliable setting. The solution will deploy top-of-the-line responsible gambling initiatives that will help players enjoy the best possible gaming options.

Any WeSpin employees and streamers are also certified and have received the necessary responsible gaming training, so players always interact with people who have their best interests in mind.

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